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While hair system, wigs and hair weaving share a lot in common, the main differences that separate one from the other is the way it is attached to the scalp. Unlike wigs or hair weaving, with hair system, the client has to shave a portion of his or her scalp in order to attach the unit otherwise the hair system will not feel secure on one's scalp. The attachment method is usually either by means of liquid adhesives or double sided tape. The industry nowadays try to glamorize the business and call the attachment process as BONDING. In reality, bonding is nothing but the process of attaching the hair system to the scalp by means of glue or tape.

For decades, there have not been much change in the way a hair system is made. Technologically speaking, there is really no breakthrough that can revolutionize the industry. Each hair system still has more of less the same fundamentals, ie: the base, the ventilation, the knots, and the hair. Not a whole lot has changed over the years.

Over the years, researchers have studied the significance of transferring hair to different regions of the body. One of the biggest drawbacks with hair systems is that they are typically HIGH MAINTENANCE. Sometimes taking care of your hair system can be very time consuming and trying to your patience. Maintenance issues can range from periodic cleaning, adding hair, re-coloring, to daily attachment hassles with tapes, glues, adhesives, clips etc.

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